September 3, 2021. With Review.

I didn’t trade today, but here is review using BBT scanners.

Not a good R4 to R5. LR right there, and it already rejected R5.

S3 rejection but didn’t quite hit the 200 or S1, just to S2.

Here is an R3 reversal, yet it only went back to VWAP. This was an R4 to R5 at a later point.

Notice it did not have any RSI.

Plenty of room in LR to go long.

R4 to R5.

R3 reversal.

At a level of support with RSI and outside of LR. Go long.

This was an R3 to R1, and eventually to S2.

R4 to R6.

R3 short. Not to R1 but at least to VWAP.

S3 reversal.

Stay away as the 200 is right ther.e


The RSI was on the 2 min chart. Long from S3.

R4 long.

R4 Long.

Short from R3.

R4 long.

Short from R3.

R4 long.

Long from S3.